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Farmhouse Style
Ceramic Sink

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Maximize your bathroom space and show off your aesthetics with Koozzo vanity cabinet.

Koozzo Ceramic Kitchen Sinks: Sturdy & Durable
Crafted from high-quality ceramic, Koozzo's kitchen sinks are versatile and extraordinarily durable.

From our Customers


We FINALLY had this sink installed after completing our kitchen countertop renovation. It literally sat in it’s box for over 3 months, and I dreamt of the day when I could finally use my farmhouse sink. We’ve had this installed about two weeks now, and I’m absolutely loving it. I love how it was reversible!

Nicholas P
Fort Worth, TX

The quality is top notch! Seriously, I've gone through a few of these now and the last couple were far more expensive yet this one is the highest quality.
The gunmetal is so rare but it's the best finish, in my opinion. It looks so rich and indestructible. Water just beads off and looks so good doing so.

Joseph R
Louisville, KY

Absolutely love this sink. Would buy again or recommend in a heartbeat. Why pay hundreds more for something else? What are you getting?

Josh W
Nashville, TN

Looks as pictured, beautiful black stainless sink. Very large and just what we were looking for.

Sandi S
Cleveland, OH